Monday, September 10, 2012

Jerry Lawler suffers heart attack, will have surgery

Jerry Lawler, the well-known wrestling commentator and jack of all trades, suffered a heart attack at the live WWE Raw at the Bell Centre in Montreal Monday night. He collapsed at his announcing table. He is at the hospital.

WMC in Memphis is reporting he will have heart surgery. 

From Arda Ocal: multiple sources backstage at RAW that EMTs saved Lawler's life before going to Hospital. Confirmed to be a Heart Attack. Another source says Lawler was "clinically dead" for 20 minutes.

WWE statement from today: "Jerry "The King" Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating during last night's broadcast of Monday Night Raw in Montreal. We are hopeful Jerry makes a full recovery and returns to WWE in the near future. Our thoughts are with Jerry and his family."

From According to sources, Lawler had flown to Montreal after working weekend independent shots in Aruba, so he had a long day of travel before working TV tonight. Whether that was a factor remains to be seen. A ringside fan emailed to report that Lawler sounded as if he began snoring right before he collapsed. Prior to that, he communicated with a ringside employee, possibly to warn them something was wrong. EMTs were on the scene immediately, as were WWE medical personnel. 

@SeanGrandePBP on Twitter reported this at 10:55pm. Cole on Lawler: We're being told he's more responsive. He is reacting to the lights in his eyes. He's in the ER awaiting a CAT scan"

@jim_utter, NASCAR reporter, posted: Jerry Lawler condition has stabilized. Heart beating on its own. Going to to have CT scans  

What WWE says about this:

Per Michael Cole on the broadcast. RT : Jerry Lawler breathing on his own now, at the hospital. He is also receiving oxygen

Still a serious situation.

Arda Ocal, a Montreal TV reporter, just happened to take a photo of him when the heart attack began.

From @pinkranger0120 who found this picture from there.

Confirmed. WWE just tweeted: BREAKING: on : collapsed at announce desk, is receiving CPR, medical attention at Centre Bell.

Earlier in the live episode, Lawler participated in and won a tag team match alongside Randy Orton. He's 62 years old, remember.

No commentary on Raw because of this. @bryanalvarez says: Mass confusion at Raw with everybody trying to figure out what to do. Lawler being given CPR backstage after collapsing. Hope he's all right.

Michael Cole on Raw says Lawler receiving CPR in the back of the arena. Not a part of the show. Same thing he said when Owen Hart died in 1999. He was addressing the fans.

Mike Mooneyham, wrestling columnist at the Post and Courier in SC, says: thoughts and prayers out for Jerry Lawler ... apparently suffered some sort of seizure at the announce table during Raw.

The wrestling is still going on there in this live event. This is an image of him from @ChristianFnCage on Twitter, who is there.

@mpfirm on Twitter just reported: Marinaro I'm 3rd row ringside. About 25 ft from Jerry Lawler. He grabbed his arm & collapsed. Carried away. His face was blue

Tony Stark, a local Montreal radio personality just reported: Just heard from source backstage...Jerry Lawler passed out backstage...Vince McMahon with him...EMT's working on him

He passed out while he was at the announcer's table. He is 62 years old, and was still wrestling very recently.

Medical staff ripped his heart open. The crowd was chanting "Lawler" during the commercial break.

RyanClarkWZR says: Lawler is gone from the booth ... he had his head down ... didn't look good. Possibly overheated or fainted?

Eyewitness report from The Score's Arda Ocal attended Raw in person and wrote the following on his Twitter page. "Something is going on with Jerry Lawler right now at the commentary table. It looks like he collapsed. Not part of show...

"He is being carried away by personnel to the backstage area. He appeared unconscious as he was being carried... When I looked over he was hunched over convulsing in his seat and collapsed, then multiple people carried him out."


  1. Prayers to lawler and his family and friends!! We luv u jerry always and forever be strong!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WREC in Memphis,TN reports its a heart attack, per his girlfriend.