Friday, June 29, 2012

Christian Walker and Matt Price sign

Many of our SC news sources are reporting Christian Walker and Matt Price are signing into the Baltimore Orioles system. They will no longer play at South Carolina.

Steve Melewski of MASN reported it.

Don't know where they will report. Probably will go to Aberdeen in the New York-Penn League or the GCL.

Walker signed at $349,900. Price signed at $149,300.

Big losses for the Gamecocks, but pretty much expected.

Isaiah Crowell arrested, gone, Johnny Manziel arrested

Johnny Manziel, who also participated in the NUC All-World Game with Mr. Crowell, and is a freshman QB at Texas A&M, was also arrested. He was charged with disorderly conduct by fighting, a misdemeanor, and with failure to identify and for having a fake driver’s license. He remained in jail on Friday.

Manziel was arrested less than a hour after Crowell, at 2am CT for fighting and a fake ID. 

Here is the article from the Bryan-College Station Eagle:

This will be very interesting to see the reaction with that. Manziel was one of the QB's to compete with Showers for the starting QB job there.

Earlier this morning, Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell was arrested for three gun charges.

Update: Crowell has been dismissed from team. Tuesday night update from @AnthonyDasher1: UGASports confirmas that Isaiah Crowell and his family met with coaches at Alabama State today.

Crowell's charges are possession of a concealed weapon (misdemeanor), weapon in a school zone (felony) and altered ID mark (felony), per ACC jail log.

He was arrested in Athens at 2:20am today, booked at 3:37am, on East Campus Rd. He has been immediately suspended from the UGA football program. He is on $9,500 bond. He could be in jail for at least two years for having the gun in the school zone.

Update: 11:41am Friday from Fletcher Page (@fletcherpage):  Arrest report: Four players were in the car w/ Crowell: Josh Harvey-Clemons, Blake Tibbs, Quintavious Harrow & Sheldon Dawson.

According to Joe Johnson of the Athens Banner-Herald: An Athens-Clarke County Magistrate Court judge later in the morning granted Crowell a $6,000 bond and placed him on a 10 p.m. curfew.

Mark Schlabach reporting, Crowell told cops that players were at club called and then on their way home.

According to the police report: According to the report, Crowell denied knowing the gun, found under the driver seat, was there, saying other people drive his car.

Complete article from Gentry Estes of 247Sports:

Two felony gun charges, with Crowell having been arrested before, probably means that he will be out of the program. 790 the Zone confirmed he is indefinitely suspended.

Crowell bonded out at 12:44pm according to Seth Emerson.

Since Crowell was UGA's starting RB, this might be a tough hole to fill. Ken Malcome would be the guy to fill the vacancy.

Eric Hyman officially resigns

There are many published and televised reports saying that Eric Hyman, the athletic director for the University of South Carolina, is leaving for Texas A&M University.

Hyman has lots of Texas roots. He was the athletic director of Texas Christian University (TCU) before he was the AD at Carolina. His kids and spouses still live in Fort Worth, 3 hours north of College Station.

Update: From @JoshattheState (Josh Kendall):  Are you going to be the next AD at TAMU? Eric Hyman: "You know how I respond," meaning he doesn't. Just walked into BOT meeting (about 30 minutes ago, 10:55am)

Chuck Allen, a member of SC's board of trustees, per Scott Hood of Gamecock Central: Chuck Allen confirms Hyman leaving.

Billy Liucci, the man who runs, says: Update from South Carolina: AD Eric Hyman informs Gamecock coaches/staff that he's leaving for Texas A&M.

According to David Cloninger, (@DCatGckCentral), Hyman has resigned at 1:54pm. Leaving because of family.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting Hyman is leaving. Brett Zwerneman, the A&M beat writer there, tweeted this story at 12:07am Friday:

This would be a very interesting search for the Gamecocks if Hyman leaves. He has brought the program very far, helping build Carolina Stadium, improve Williams-Brice, along with many other additions that have been seen by the athletes at Carolina.

They include the Dodie, South Carolina's academic enrichment center for athletes, which has been a huge help to the athletes.

According to @TarpRivals, Hyman will earn double his SC salary ($1,000,000) at A&M.

This has come out of the blue as A&M wants to become a force in the SEC immediately. Hiring Hyman as AD would be a great help. He has been regarded as one of the best athletic directors in the nation, having been an athletic administrator for over 30 years at almost half a dozen schools.

I will update this story as it goes. It is very interesting. Who would replace Hyman? President Harris Pastides has many choices even with just two months till football starting. He could go inside the program, hiring Ray Tanner (which would necessitate a new baseball coach) or someone in the athletic department, or he could conduct a outside search.

The Post and Courier's Darryl Slater is reporting Chris Massaro, a former athletic department member at South Carolina, and Dan Radakovich, Georgia Tech AD, could be candidates. 

With Carolina having one of the fastest-growing athletic departments in the nation, people would be lining up for a chance to lead the university's sports into the future. The baseball program is one of the best in the nation; men's basketball will be growing with new coach Frank Martin, and football has gone from an also-ran in the SEC to one of the top 20-25 programs in the nation. Women's basketball with new coach Dawn Staley has quickly improved.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Events/teams Carolinas should go after

SC is a very big state for sports. We are going into one of our "slow" times of year however. South Carolina lost in the College World Series last night (Monday). This ended the college sports season.

Charleston has the Battery and RiverDogs to follow, along with World TeamTennis (plus the PGA Championship this year, which will be huge for the entire state), Myrtle Beach has the Pelicans and a NPSL team, Greenville the Drive, and the Rock Hill area has the Charlotte Knights.

Other parts of the state only have summer league and American Legion baseball, along with players arriving at many of the state's football playing universities. This is usually a slow time of year for most of the state. There are several events and/or teams that SC should go after which would be very interesting.

I will list the top 5 things that the state of South Carolina should do in sports.

1) A real thought that should be done: When Knights Stadium is closed for baseball for the new stadium in uptown Charlotte, it should be reconsidered for a MLS team. It could add 10,000 more seats to expand to 20,000 seats or more. Knights Castle is 20 minutes from Charlotte, and 20 minutes from Rock Hill. The stadium easily could be expanded. There's a couple million people easily within driving distance there.

You also have Columbia less than 90 minutes away with 600,000-700,000, the Triad less than 2 hours away, and most of the Upstate is within 2 hours. That's easily 4, perhaps 5 million people within 2 hours of Knights Stadium. I think the population of the Carolinas would support a team there.

You could build around it by making condos, houses, office buildings, and new transit developments around the stadium. There is a huge population who supports soccer in York County and the Charlotte area who would enjoy a MLS team greatly. Its appeal could grow throughout the Carolinas. It would compete for a team with Raleigh if it occurs, but I think the MLS should take a look at this site.

2) Charleston should go after a team for Johnson-Hagood Stadium. Johnson-Hagood Stadium seats 21,000 and is a huge asset for the Charleston community during the football season. Sertoma and The Citadel get big crowds in there from August-November. For the rest of the year, they only have a few lacrosse games, concerts and a few other events.

There's no reason why the USFL shouldn't look at Charleston. Over 2 million live within 100 miles of Charleston, and here is more info about it:

3) USC needs to lift the embargo on minor league teams in Colonial Life Arena and Carolina Stadium. Columbia is one of the most under served sports markets in the nation. After the Inferno "suspended" operations and the Bombers left, the city was left with only summer league baseball, which might leave after this year because Capital City Stadium is going to be torn down and will become a Walmart. If you are not a South Carolina fan, there are very few choices.

You have Benedict and Allen University with their sports teams, a couple of other universities, the Blowfish, and high school sports. That's it. Colonial Life Arena could easily support an AHL team, let alone a ECHL team. They could host yearly NHL and NBA exhibitions (already host NBA exhibitions). The problem is, the Bombers games in their last years were poorly attended. The Inferno should have had a new arena five years ago but it didn't work out.

Carolina Stadium is probably the quality of a AA stadium, but minor league games would have to be played during Gamecock road trips probably until June. I don't know why USC won't at least let a minor league team play in there.

4) Florence should renovate the Florence Civic Center. Florence is a market of over 200,000, with an arena seating as many as 10,000 for concerts, and yet there are no sports teams in that arena. There is no reason why that arena sits there for most of the year except for a few concerts, church services, and trade shows.

If you renovate that arena (even just add a new scoreboard), you could have a lot more events. Francis Marion could play a game or two there. The lower state HS championships (a huge draw in its first year there) would grow. You could have D1 teams (Coastal, Citadel, NC schools) play games there. Maybe you could get better concerts. Perhaps, lower level hockey or basketball. There's no reason why that arena, the largest arena between Columbia and Wilmington isn't used more often.

5) Spartanburg should go after an affiliated baseball team. It would probably have to be a rookie Appalachian League team, but the town is large enough for a South Atlantic League team. The problem is, where would the team play? Is it big enough? Duncan Park hasn't been used for affiliated baseball since 1994 when the Phillies low-A club left. There is a newer stadium at Wofford College though that can seat 2,500. If a SAL team wants to move and has no other good location, Spartanburg would be a good place to play.

Those are just a few of the ideas which would make sports in South Carolina more exciting than it already is. That's my opinion. What is yours?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Guilty

The jury has reached a verdict on the Jerry Sandusky case according to reports. Will be announced at 9:50pm. 

Sandusky faces 26 felonies in his case. He has arrived at the courthouse per Anna Orso of the Daily Collegian (Penn State student newspaper).

His wife is also there. The media will not be allowed to report the verdict until it is read, the jury is dismissed and the court is adjourned.

All 48 counts are to be read when court begins in about 10 minutes per Ben_Jones88.

Sandusky did not look at his family when he walked into courtroom.

They are beginning to read the counts now. NBC News says he was heckled.

Jerry Sandusky conviction on all counts could mean a 450 year prison sentence. The courtroom doors have been locked.

The New York Times says Sandusky is guilty on 45 of the 48 counts. Other news sources are reporting. Bail has been revoked for the case.

Victims 2, 5, and 6 are the only victims without every count being guilty.  

Sandusky walked in front of the media in handcuffs. He might not be seen in public again.

The NYT broke the rule on talking about it before court was adjourned.

Link to a list of all the Sandusky charges:

“We respect their verdict...It was the expected outcome.” - Joe Amendola (Sandusky attorney)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hurricanes prepare for new season, schedule

The Carolina Hurricanes have a very interesting 2012-13 schedule. First, a new CBA has to be signed by the NHL.

The Hurricanes have a six game road trip to begin the season, starting in Winnipeg Oct. 13 in a 3pm game, then heading out to Vancouver, the 3 California teams, and Boston before the home opener Oct. 26 against the Rangers.

Their one game against the Kings is in that road trip, October 18. They play the Devils four times: Dec. 2 and Feb. 16 in the PNC Center. Detroit comes the day after Christmas in what will be one of the most popular games of the year. They do not host Chicago this year.

They host them and the Blue Jackets in a brief two-game homestand.

In February and early March the Canes have ten of eleven games at home. If the Canes are in the running for a playoff berth, these games will be very important. The Canes also close the year with four of their final six games at home.

The All-Star Game this year will be held in Columbus, OH.

Hopefully the Hurricanes will have a better season than they did last year when they stumbled down the stretch.

You can find the whole schedule at

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ranking the CAA contenders

This conference realignment has trickled down even to the smaller conferences. The CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) is looking for more teams in their league after losing VCU to the Atlantic 10, Old Dominion to C-USA, and Georgia State to the Sun Belt.

Update (6/21 6:30pm), from Adam Smith of Burlington Times-News:  Realignment rumor mill: Davidson has pushed / is pushing for Furman and Elon to be included in CAA expansion consideration.

6/22 at 3:45pm, from Mr. Smith: Davidson, College of Charleston and App State – yes, App State – formally have been contacted by the

They are looking for replacements for those schools. There are many schools in the running to move in for those spots. I will give pros and cons for each. There have been rumors that Stony Brook, Elon, College of Charleston, Davidson, and Furman may be going the CAA's way. I'll also add Coastal Carolina and Appalachian State.

By the way, I am a College of Charleston student (for conflict of interest reasons). From north to south, I will talk about each one. I will also talk about other schools that may have a chance.

Stony Brook: Pros- are in the very rich Long Island market. The main school for Suffolk County, a county of 1.5 million. Has tailor-made rival in Hofstra, only 45 miles away. Would combine football and the Olympic sports in same conference. Now, the closest football trip is VMI. Would give CAA a little more footprint in the NY market. Has good basketball and baseball which would help league.

Cons- Over 60 miles from Manhattan, tough to get interest unless something major happens. Only has a big amount of alumni in New York area (mostly the NY side) and have only been D1 for about 15 years. Do not have the legacy that some of the other programs of their stature have (but growing). Many of the schools in America East are closer.

I feel like they would be a great candidate for the CAA.

Elon: Pros- would get the CAA into the Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point market. Elon is also only 40 miles from Chapel Hill and Durham, giving them a footprint in that market. Have a rich base of alumni all over the East Coast (here in Charleston, they always bring a fan contingent). Are adding women's lacrosse, and are competitive in almost all sports in the SoCon. A very good school which would fit in the CAA for academics.

Cons- Small gym (Alumni Hall), only seats 2,100, one of smallest in SoCon. Does not have a big following outside of the Piedmont of NC (only people that follow them are alumni outside the area). Campus hard to expand. Only has one radio station on its network.

Elon would be a tougher reach for this league but it is doable.

Davidson: Pros- Fills the Charlotte market, a large market that has no presence in league. Great school, would definitely fit in with schools like William & Mary. Has lots of tradition with its basketball program. Actually has a following in the market. Name recognition from its NCAA tournament appearances and Stephen Curry. Has following all around the country. Soccer program is good.

Cons- Poor in most other sports (baseball hasn't made 8-team conference tourney since 2009), football in non-scholarship league, needs to add a sport or two. Women's sports could be better. Other than that, not much to complain about.

The CAA is coveting Davidson. A Davidson grab would get them into another major market which would be big for the league, but would they leave the SoCon without their rival (CofC)?

Appalachian State: Pros- Great football tradition, already has an almost 30,000 seat football stadium. Has following all over the Carolinas, with radio affiliates as far E as Raleigh plus alumni all over the East Coast. Getting there as a school, improving each year. Baseball program growing.

Cons- has FBS aspirations. Wants to go to the Sunbelt or C-USA, but the ship may have sailed with Charlotte going to C-USA. Many people think Boone is in a out of the way location. CAA football wouldn't be a big difference from the SoCon.

I do not think App State would want to go to the CAA unless the rest of the SoCon collapsed. They want to be in a FBS conference.

Furman: Pros- gives conference presence in Greenville market. Has following all over South Carolina. Some following up and down the East Coast. Adding men's and women's lacrosse in 2014 will give them more of a following. Great football following, and baseball would fare well in CAA. Great school with a large endowment.

Cons- Would lose their huge rivals The Citadel and Wofford, which they have played for decades. Basketball needs to improve. Play better games and need to get more people in their arena. Travel expenses would increase heavily.

Furman has been a member of the SoCon since 1936, and it would take something major (like all of the SoCon schools I mentioned) for them to leave.

Coastal Carolina: Pros- Serves a fast growing market, Myrtle Beach, and is the only game in town. Heavily covered in all the local media. Many students want different opponents from the "boring" Big South schools. Has a very good football and baseball program, plus basketball is getting there. New convocation center will help that program a lot. Room to grow.

Cons- The school is often considered as a "safety school" (75% admission rate) giving a bad reputation to some people. Other schools may frown on that. Only has been an independent school since 1993, meaning it has a small alumni base. Many of the older alums pledge their allegiance to South Carolina. For football, would be kind of "out there" compared to the rest of the league. Big South basketball tournament will be held there next 3 years.

I feel like they would be great for the league. Would please UNC-Wilmington, which would immediately become the school's biggest rival.

College of Charleston: Pros- They are the lead school in Charleston, with 11,000 students. They have more alumni in the Charleston area than any other school. Have lots of new buildings. A good percentage of their students are from the Northeast and Midwest, and the school is becoming more national. Quickly becoming very selective. Very good basketball and baseball programs, and have been strong in women's sports.

Cons- School is 2/3 female. Has trouble getting some female students because of the ratio. Needs to add some athletic or academic programs in order to tighten the ratio. Basically a private university in public clothes (about 10-15% of their money given from state). Has to grow up instead of out, which is tough to do with Charleston's building regulations. If they moved, would lose all their in-state conference rivals, including The Citadel a bus ride away.

The College of Charleston has been trying to grow their national appeal in the past few years, and a move to the CAA may be a fit. But do they need a partner?

Georgia Southern: Pros- are the #2 school behind UGA in GA south of I-16 and has sizable alumni bases in all the major GA cities, including metro Atlanta. Have great football and baseball legacy. Have newer alumni base which is only going to grow. Statesboro, the town they are in, is basically their town.

Cons- Far away from the rest of the schools in the conference. Even if App State joined with Charleston, that would be their closest football rival at nearly 6 hours. Travel would be brutal for the rest of the league. They already spend less than many of their Southern Conference rivals. Need to renovate their basketball arena. If they move, more likely would be to a 1-A conference.

My ranking on the schools most likely to move to the CAA:

1) Stony Brook
2) Coastal Carolina
3) College of Charleston
4) Elon
5) Davidson
6) Appalachian State
7) Furman
8) Georgia Southern

This will be very interesting to see if it happens. Any or all of these universities could switch conferences. It will be very chaotic if it occurs. What would the Southern Conference, Big South and America East do?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mike Dunlap new Bobcats coach

Rick Bonnell of the Observer is reporting St. John's assistant Mike Dunlap will be the new Charlotte Bobcats head coach.

He is 55, from Fairbanks, AK. He has never been a NBA head coach. He has 14 years of head coaching experience at lower division schools, and has been an assistant at the Denver Nuggets, Arizona, Oregon, and St. John's.

This is a very interesting hire. His profile:

CofC, others maybe joining CAA?

There's some new news on conference realignment that may change the landscape.

Update, July 9, 11:30pm: John Nugent of WCIV in Charleston was reporting that the College of Charleston was having discussions of joining the CAA. He asked Joe Hull, the athletic director at the College about it, and he said, "no comment." Still a big question mark here.

Update: 7/13, 11:45am: commish Tom Yeager tells Richmond Times-Dispatch's Tim Pearrell he expects to add members "by the end of the summer." From Dave Fairbank of the Daily Press.

Update: 7/19, 11:26am, poster on on 7/17 said "I am 99% sure we will see CoC in the CAA in 2013. I can't speak for the rest of the schools but I am going to be completely shocked if CoC does not come to the CAA."

Here is the page in question, post #183:

From Matt Peloquin (@NCAAsports on Twitter). CAA fans shouldn't be surprised if Stony Brook, Elon, Charleston, Davidson and Furman ALL join the CAA, per sources.

This would be massively interesting to see what happens. You'd have a whole southern leg of the CAA.

I haven't seen any signs about it, though. Furman is adding lacrosse in a year or two, so that may be a major reason why this may be occurring. The CAA wants Davidson because it would get them in the Charlotte market. Furman also gets you a big market, Greenville/Spartanburg.

All of these would be somewhat puzzling except Stony Brook, who definitely wants to move up in conference, and perhaps CofC. We will have to wait and see.

Clemens not guilty on all counts

Roger Clemens lawyers are smiling. Seem confident. But overheard one talking earlier about how nervous they get during deliberations.

The jury should be in any moment. Clemens has pleaded not guilty. He faces six counts. One of obstruction, three of false statements, two of perjury. Prosecutors are entering the courtroom.

He has been found not guilty on all counts. More info coming. Jury finds he didn't lie to Congress about steroids or HGH.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hold on a minute on Nkemdiche

Update from Bruce Feldman:  Nation's #1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche (Clemson commit) visiting Ole Miss today. Top JC OL & 5-star RB also visiting Oxford too.

Huge recruiting news on this Thursday afternoon, as DE Robert Nkemdiche, compared to Jadeveon Clowney, has committed to Clemson. He is the #1 recruit in the nation, and has been looked at by almost every major program in the nation.

From Barton Simmons:  Robert Nkemdiche has committed to but I'm hearing he did so without his father on board. This one ain't over.

More info on the man from Rivals:

Nkemdiche's head coach was roommates with Dabo in college, Mickey Conn. It was a key fact in his recruitment.

An article from Southern Pigskin:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two former Auburn players killed

Hearing that there was a shooting in Auburn tonight that included three Auburn football players. They say at least one was killed and the others are in the hospital.
Please pray for Auburn. This goes for everyone. Auburn Plainsman is reporting. No confirmation, please. Unofficial: Ed Christian may be dead at university village. Eric Mack of Calhoun County High School still alive in hospital.

According to a relative, former Auburn fullback Ladarius Phillips has died in ER according to relative."

Prayers for the Tiger family. Ed Christian is from Valdosta, GA, Lowndes County High, and Ladarious Phillips is from Roanoke, AL. Prayers for people from Calhoun County too.

Update: WTVM in Columbus is reporting a 3rd person has died in shooting.

Morning update: Xavier Moss may have been shot, Ed Christian and Ladarius Phillips presumed killed.

Per Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina RB), Eric Mack is doing alright.

They were killed over a girl at a pool party. says the shooters have no connection with football program. They are also saying Eric Mack may be released from the hospital in a few days.

A witness says gunman blocked the exit door and was firing into the clubhouse crowd. I'm hearing from Twitter that the Auburn shooter got mad because he took his girl to a party with a bunch of ATHLETES and she was dancing with them.

Jay Tate from Montgomery Advertiser says witness says gunman got into altercation with an unidentified Auburn football player, initially pledged to keep it "one on one."

Anniston Star article has more info:

Happened at 10:03pm last night. Young man died on sidewalk, and additional subjects were found. 

Auburn police: One person was dead on scene. Two other subjects died shortly after arriving at hospital. Shooter fled area. Located abandoned. Desmontay Leonard, Montgomery is the suspect.

Victims: Six shot. Dead, Ed Christian, 20, Auburn student, football player, East AL Medical Center, Ladarius Phillips dead there, 20, along with DeMario Pitts, 20, another football player. Treated at medical center. Xavier Moss. John Robertson at UAB Medical Center.

East AL Medical Center, Eric Mack has non life-threatening injuries.

Desmonte Leonard; three charges of capital murder, he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Evan Woodberry says suspect Desmonte Leonard sued for child support FRIDAY in Montgomery Circuit Court by mother who claims he fathered her daughter in 2011. He also says Leonard's address listed in lawsuit filed Friday is Alder Point Drive in east Montgomery near Vaughn Rd and Eastern Boulevard.


From what we have just seen between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, a fight that Pacquiao won 11 rounds out of 12, but Bradley won, boxing has become a three-ring circus. Don't know why that decision was made.

UFC is way more legitimate than boxing right now, and I don't know if there's a debate. Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers of the last 20 years, and he did not deserve to get into something like that.

He won just about every round, and now, poor Timothy Bradley, the fighter from Palm Springs who has worked very hard, and who is a great fighter, has to deal with being a tainted champion.

Weird things are happening in this sport.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Roddy White's special event

Roddy White, one of the top WRs for the Atlanta Falcons, is giving back to his community. On Saturday, June 16, he will hold an event at the Brick House Tavern on Folly Road on James Island.

The event will start at 2pm and last all day. Kids will be able to go free from 2pm-7pm. There will be a mobile video game truck, jump castles, rides, games, food, and drinks. There will also be a live DJ

Adults will be able to get in for $10 from 2-7pm. There will be free raffles all day, including a prize of two Atlanta Falcons home game tickets and two sideline passes along with autographed NFL memorabilia.

He will also have a all-night music fest from 8pm-until, with live bands including Dub Island, Tyler Boone, Tidal Jive, Tyler Meachum of Crowfield, Donnie Dies, and Loners Society.

White, Langston Moore (a former DL for the Bengals) and other surprise guests will attend.

Vendors are welcomed. For more info for vendors, email at

Roddy has given back to his community for years, including giving out cleats to the James Island Trojans high school football players. It's good to see him doing an event like this. Hopefully there will be a big crowd at this event to support him and his cause.