Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chuck Reedy retiring

Big news in local high school football. Berkeley County Schools have announced that Goose Creek football coach Chuck Reedy is retiring.

He will no longer be coach at Goose Creek High School after being the coach since 2002.

Reedy is almost 66 years old (he turns 66 May 31), and was the head coach at Baylor for four seasons, and was a coach at Clemson from 1978-1989, including as an offensive coordinator for four seasons.

Reedy took Goose Creek football from the brink of extinction. Reedy has a 119-47 record on the field since his arrival in Goose Creek.

The year before he arrived, Goose Creek was 0-11 in 2001. He started 1-10 in 2002, then 5-7 in 2003, 8-5 in '04, 7-4 in '05, 9-4 in '06, then 8-4 in '07, 9-4 in '08, then starting in 2009 was when his program really hit the jackpot. In 2009 he finished 10-4, losing to Bruce Ellington's Berkeley squad in OT in the lower state finals; then in 2010 he went to the state semifinals again losing to Northwestern.

In 2011, he finished 14-1 and Goose Creek won their first state championship. In 2012, Goose Creek won all their games on the field, but was kicked out of the playoffs and had to forfeit their season because of an ineligible player in a scandal that rocked the Lowcountry. In 2013 they finished 12-1, losing to South Pointe in the playoffs, and last season Goose Creek finished 10-2 before being shocked in the playoffs by River Bluff.

Goose Creek is still the best job in the Lowcountry and one of the best in the state. There will be many good candidates, and with amazing community support, this will make the job highly-coveted.