Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dabo Swinney makes a ruckus during traffic stop

FITSnews is reporting that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney made a ruckus during a traffic stop on September 3. He was heading to his radio show at a Bi-Lo.

“Typically in that situation I would react in a different way, but being that it was him I didn’t feel threatened by him but I guess I was a little more (lenient) because of knowing who he was,” McClatchy wrote.
Swinney and a man who identified himself as the coach’s brother then approached Corporal McClatchy and explained that the coach was running late for his scheduled radio show at the supermarket.

The two also reportedly made it clear that this just wasn’t a good time for him to receive a speeding ticket.
Told several times to return to their vehicle, Swinney and his brother allegedly refused – and began “socializing and signing autographs for fans” in the Bi-Lo parking lot.  While writing up Swinney’s ticket, McClatchy says he was informed by a store manager that a local city official was on the phone asking to speak with him – presumably to talk him out of writing Swinney a ticket.

More of the article is here: http://www.fitsnews.com/2012/09/18/dabos-ticket-gate/

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