Friday, July 13, 2012

Ray Tanner press conference

Ray Tanner was named Athletic Director at South Carolina today in an afternoon press conference.

Release from athletic department: 

Tanner won two national championships, six SEC East titles, three SEC regular-season titles, one SEC tournament and went to six CWS in his time as baseball coach.

According to David Cloninger, Tanner has a five-year deal worth 675K per year.

Pastides says Tanner has management skills transferable to larger organization.

550 athletes at Carolina, several candidates. William C. Hubbard, chair of Board of Trustees is there, Dawn Staley, women's basketball head coach, Tommy Suggs, announcer, I.S. Levy Johnson, Columbia attorney, and USC professor Charles F. Adams on committee.

Has a vision, leadership skills, what Pastides wants. Wants someone who would raise money and make friends. "Sometimes you have the right leader." Tanner says he wanted a "change 2 years ago." Started coaching at 28. Was one of the youngest coaches in the nation then. Tanner felt he would coach his last game soon, but was too young to retire.

Tanner said he was ready to take on a new position. Tanner wanted the job. He had ambition, and Ray Tanner was an assistant athletic director at N.C. State.

Has huge amounts of national media exposure, as Tanner will become AD August 2 says Pastides. Long ovation.

Reptar dying was his first point. Tanner informed Pastides about the desire to have that job. Coaches "move fast." He was minutes into the search process. Tanner said he would be in the bullpen waiting for the call. Pastides was thinking of Matt Price.

Tanner says he has tremendous momentum in the department. Tanner thanks Hyman and Marcy Girton. Tanner said "I'm a Gamecock and I bleed garnet and black."

Tanner says he has tremendous coaches through all sports. Two new assignments accepted. Charles Waddell will be Athletics Deputy Director and Kevin O'Connell will be Chief Operations Officer.

Tanner says the move is "no surprise." Coach Jim Valvano approached him. Tanner turned him down.  Press conference for new baseball coach at 11am Monday.

He got a standing ovation from the room crowded with athletic department employees in the room. Tanner almost cried when he thanked Mike McGee for giving him the baseball job in '96. He says he will miss being in the uniform.

Tanner: "The biggest challenge for me may be putting this neck tie on everyday. I've always been interested in whats going on w/other sports." "I've never been an "I" guy...You're only as good as the people around you. We have a great team here." "We have a program in baseball that a lot of other universities want to emulate" "I've got great rapport with all of our coaches. I've felt that support for a long time."

Steve Spurrier: Coach Spurrier on Tanner as AD: “I applaud the choice of Ray Tanner as athletics director. I believe the President made an excellent decision. Our athletics department is in very good hands with Ray Tanner."

"I look forward to working with Ray and President Pastides for several years to come.”

Bobby Hartin's thoughts on this: "The first question Ray Tanner gets as AD is 'Will you conduct a national baseball search?" "Whoever asked that should be shot."

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