Sunday, July 15, 2012

CAA invites Davidson and Charleston

According to a Statesboro Herald article today, Georgia Southern AD Sam Baker said that Davidson and the College of Charleston have been extended invitations to the Colonial Athletic Association.

Monday, 12:20pm: @KevinLive5 (Kevin Bilodeau): continues to have no comment on anything related to the CAA including rumors of a press conference this week

The article:

Quote from Baker: "There’s been an invitation from the Colonial to Davidson and Charleston," Baker said. "We’ve not heard, as conference members, where that may lead. It would be hard to tell. I think they both benefit by being in our conference."

Would be interesting to see. No more info about those two schools was given, but it is an interesting article by Noell Barnidge talking about Georgia Southern's position in the league (they are staying in the SoCon).

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