Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dee Liner arrested

Auburn football commit and Muscle Shoals DE Dee Liner has been arrested for the second time in 10 days, per Nick Lough of WAFF in Huntsville.

DEE LINER: Per court records - on 7-1, a female Muscle Shoals cop pulled over a vehicle around 10:45pm at 907 Avalon Avenue. As cop....

Also charged with disorderly conduct & obstructing government operations following his arrest July 1st.

On July 1 a female Muscle Shoals cop pulled a car over. While conducting the traffic stop Liner pulled up in a 2nd vehicle. 

He was charged with criminal trespassing as well. This story is developing.

Court date set for August 23. No court date set on criminal trespassing charge.

Andrew Bone spoke to Dee Liner about his recent arrests, "I made some bad decisions, but everything is going to get better."

More info from Lough on Dee Liner: NCAA rules don't allow Auburn to comment on Liner's two arrests because he hasn't signed a LOI.

Around 1am July 11 (today) Sheffield PD caught Liner and several others jumping the fence at the Sheffield Public Pool.

If you have any questions on the arrests please ask Nick Lough. Courts are closed and pretty sure few people know exactly what happened.

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