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2014 Lowcountry football schedules: SCISA

This is my last in a series of football schedules that you have seen over the summer. SCISA practice started on July 31. I did not want to forget the great fan bases in SCISA and all of the programs who work just as hard, if not harder than the public schools do.

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Schedules were released earlier this year, but here I will discuss them by school and analyze them, for both 11-man and 8-man football. In SCISA, for all schools, these schedules will be exactly the opposite in 2015.

Regions for our local teams are listed here. Local teams are listed in bold.


Class A Region II: Bible Baptist, Colleton Prep, Curtis Baptist, Dorchester Academy, Hilton Head Prep, Thomas Heyward.

Class AA Region II: Bethesda Academy, First Baptist, Hilton Head Christian, Northwood Academy, Palmetto Christian, St. Andrews.

Class AAA: Augusta Christian, Ben Lippen, Cardinal Newman, Hammond, Heathwood Hall, Laurence Manning, Porter-Gaud, Pinewood Prep, Wilson Hall


Region II: Beaufort Academy, Cathedral Academy, Charleston Collegiate, Coastal Christian, Faith Christian, James Island Christian, Patrick Henry, Ridge Christian, St. John's Christian.

Here are the schedules:

Class A Region II:

Colleton Prep

8/29: Pee Dee Academy
9/5: @ Williamsburg Academy
9/12: @ Dorchester Academy
9/19: Trinity-Byrnes
9/26: @ St. Andrew's
10/3: Hilton Head Prep
10/10: @ Holly Hill Academy
10/17: Curtis Baptist
10/24: @ Bible Baptist
10/31: Thomas Heyward 

Colleton Prep has a rather difficult schedule, having to go three of their first five on the road, including a couple of long trips to Savannah for St. Andrew's and Williamsburg Academy, but close with two of their final three at home. 

Dorchester Academy

8/22: Robert E. Lee
8/29: @ Calhoun Academy
9/5: @ Holly Hill Academy
9/12: Colleton Prep 
9/19: Pee Dee Academy
9/26: Thomas Heyward
10/10: @ Bible Baptist
10/17: @ First Baptist
10/24: @ Hilton Head Prep
10/31: Curtis Baptist

A difficult late schedule this year for the Raiders. After four of their first six games at home, they play three straight road games after a bye week, finishing up with new team Curtis Baptist.

Hilton Head Prep

8/29: Bethesda Day (GA) (5:00)
9/5: Northwood (5:00)
9/12: @ Bible Baptist
9/19: @ Palmetto Christian
9/26: Curtis Baptist (4:30)
10/3: @ Colleton Prep
10/10: @ Thomas Heyward
10/17: @ St. Andrew's (7:00)
10/24: Dorchester Academy (4:00)
10/31: Hilton Head Christian (3:30)

Hilton Head Prep is one of the only schools in the state without lights, so they play all their games in the late afternoons on Fridays, giving them an advantage at home. They have three straight region road games in a tough break for them.

Class AA Region II:

First Baptist

8/22: Pinewood Prep
8/29: Holly Hill Academy
9/5: @ Christian Academy (Myrtle Beach)
9/12: St. Andrew's
9/19: @ Hilton Head Christian
10/3: @ Bethesda
10/10: @ Williamsburg Academy
10/17: Dorchester Academy 
10/24: Palmetto Christian
10/31: @ Northwood

First Baptist has a decent schedule, drawing Class AAA Pinewood Prep in their opening game, and having two of their final three region games at home, but before the home stretch are three straight road battles.

Hilton Head Christian

8/22: @ Trinity-Byrnes
9/5: Bible Baptist
9/12: @ Northwood
9/19: First Baptist
9/26: @ Bethesda
10/3: @ Palmetto Christian
10/10: Christian Academy
10/17: Thomas Heyward
10/24: St. Andrew's
10/31: @ Hilton Head Prep

A weird schedule for Hilton Head Christian. Four of their five region games will be done by October 3, and they close with four straight games on Hilton Head Island, three on their home field.

Northwood Academy

8/29: @ Pinewood Prep
9/5: @ Hilton Head Prep
9/12: Hilton Head Christian
9/19: @ Thomas Heyward
9/26: Christian Academy
10/3: @ St. Andrew's
10/10: Palmetto Christian
10/17: Bible Baptist
10/24: @ Bethesda
10/31: First Baptist

Northwood Academy will open up the field at Carnes Crossroads with a game against Hilton Head Christian. They get three region games at home to open up the new field.

Palmetto Christian

8/29: @ Porter-Gaud
9/5: @ Lincoln
9/12: Pinewood Prep
9/19: Hilton Head Prep
9/26: @ Bible Baptist
10/3: Hilton Head Christian
10/10: @ Northwood
10/17: Bethesda
10/24: @ First Baptist
10/31: St. Andrew's

Palmetto Christian plays a public school, Lincoln, in their second game of the season, as they get three home games in region. They do have to replace J.T. Waters, their star QB, who had one of the craziest games of the year last year at Porter-Gaud.

Class AAA

Pinewood Prep

8/22: @ First Baptist
8/29: Northwood
9/5: Laurence Manning
9/12: @ Palmetto Christian
9/19: @ Ben Lippen
9/26: Heathwood Hall
10/3: @ Augusta Christian
10/10: @ Hammond
10/17: @ Wilson Hall
10/24: Cardinal Newman
10/31: Porter-Gaud

Pinewood Prep plays a rare 11-game slate for a private school. Five of six games in the middle of the season for them are on the road. From September 5 to October 24 they will have just one home game. Luckily, they get two home games to end the season.


8/29: Palmetto Christian
9/5: Cardinal Newman
9/12: @ Bishop England (TV)
9/19: Hammond
9/26: @ Ben Lippen
10/3: Heathwood Hall
10/10: @ Wilson Hall
10/17: @ Augusta Christian
10/24: Laurence Manning
10/31: @ Pinewood Prep

Porter-Gaud, playing in the largest group of private schools, basically plays the same schools every year. They do start with three of four home games, which will help their young squad.

8-Man (bolded are non-region games)

Andrew Jackson: 

Beaufort Academy

8/29: @ W.W. King
9/5: Faith Christian
9/12: @ Patrick Henry
9/19: Ridge Christian
9/26: @ Cathedral Academy
10/3: Charleston Collegiate
10/10: @ St. John's Christian
10/17: Coastal Christian
10/24: Andrew Jackson
10/31: @ James Island Christian

Beaufort Academy has a favorable schedule, with two of their final three at home, but have three long road trips to Cathedral, St. John's, and James Island.

Cathedral Academy

8/29: Richard Winn
9/5: @ Coastal Christian
9/12: @ St. John's Christian
9/19: @ Carolina Academy 
9/26: Beaufort Academy
10/3: @ Patrick Henry
10/10: Ridge Christian
10/17: James Island Christian
10/24: @ Faith Christian
10/31: Charleston Collegiate

Cathedral Academy has three of their first four games on the road, including a long trip to Lake City. They do get three of their final four games at home, including James Island Christian.

Charleston Collegiate

8/29: Coastal Christian
9/5: Wardlaw
9/12: @ Richard Winn
9/19: @ Patrick Henry
9/26: St. John's Christian
10/3: @ Beaufort Academy
10/10: Faith Christian
10/17: @ Ridge Christian
10/24: James Island Christian
10/31: @ Cathedral Academy

The Sun Devils have a favorable schedule, opening the season with two games at home before they travel to Lake City and Estill. They close with two of their final three on the road.

Coastal Christian

8/22: @ Laurens Academy
8/29: @ Charleston Collegiate
9/5: Cathedral Academy
9/12: Carolina Academy
9/19: St. John's Christian
9/26: @ James Island Christian
10/10: Patrick Henry
10/17: @ Beaufort Academy
10/24: Ridge Christian
10/31: @ Faith Christian

Coastal Christian starts with a long road trip to Laurens, then after a road game at CC, has three home games in a row. After that though, they only have two more home games.

Faith Christian

8/29: Laurens Academy
9/5: @ Beaufort Academy
9/12: Ridge Christian
9/19: @ James Island Christian
9/26: @ Greenwood Christian
10/3: St. John's Christian
10/10: @ Charleston Collegiate
10/17: @ Patrick Henry
10/24: Cathedral Academy
10/31: Coastal Christian

Faith Christian ends the season with two games at home, but has two long road trips among their first five games.

James Island Christian

8/29: @ St. John's Christian
9/5: Patrick Henry
9/12: @ Andrew Jackson
9/19: Faith Christian
9/26: Coastal Christian
10/3: @ Ridge Christian
10/10: Clarendon Hall
10/17: @ Cathedral Academy
10/24: @ Charleston Collegiate
10/31: Beaufort Academy

James Island Christian has three of their first five at home, but closes with three of five on the road.

Patrick Henry

8/22: @ W.W. King
8/29: @ Clarendon Hall
9/5: @ James Island Christian
9/12: Beaufort Academy
9/19: Charleston Collegiate
9/26: @ Ridge Christian
10/3: Cathedral Academy
10/10: @ Coastal Christian
10/17: Faith Christian
10/24: @ St. John's Christian
10/31: Jefferson Davis

With Patrick Henry being out in Estill, this is a long road trip for many of the smaller Lowcountry teams. They have two long road trips to start the year. They will be done with region play early as they play local rival Jefferson Davis to end the year.

Ridge Christian

8/29: @ Jefferson Davis
9/5: W.W. King (6pm)
9/12: @ Faith Christian
9/19: @ Beaufort Academy
9/26: @ Patrick Henry
10/3: James Island Christian (3:30pm)
10/10: @ Cathedral Academy
10/17: Charleston Collegiate (4pm)
10/24: @ Coastal Christian
10/31: St. John's Christian (2pm)

Ridge Christian ends the year with three of five to end the year at home. One of their road trips is just 2.1 miles away, to Faith Christian. All of Ridge Christian's home games will be played during the daytime, as their field does not have lights this year.

St. John's Christian

8/29: James Island Christian
9/5: Greenwood Christian
9/12: Cathedral Academy
9/19: @ Coastal Christian
9/26: @ Charleston Collegiate
10/3: @ Faith Christian
10/10: Beaufort Academy
10/17: @ Wardlaw
10/24: Patrick Henry
10/31: @ Ridge Christian

An odd schedule for the Moncks Corner private school. Three straight home games to start year, followed directly by three on the road. Three of their home games are long road trips for the road team (Greenwood, Beaufort, PH).

Now, I am done with my schedule series for this year. More posts will come as the season gets closer.

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