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2014 Lowcountry football schedules: 1A

Hard to believe, but football is not that far away. In fact, less than a month away. All schools in this area will open up football practice on August 1, and many schools will be playing jamborees in the month of August.

In 1A, football schedules are very important. Almost all teams have players who play both ways, and with smaller schools having less resources, this just makes every player more and more important.

Here are the regions with local teams involved.

Region 5: Allendale-Fairfax; Bamberg-Ehrhardt ; Bethune-Bowman; Branchville; Denmark-Olar; Estill
Region 6: Baptist Hill; Burke; xCharleston Charter; Cross; Lincoln; Military Magnet; St. John’s

As with the other posts, I will make a post for each division in order to make it easy to find your favorite school's schedule, and give some analysis. Region games will be bolded. All games will start at 7:30pm on Fridays unless noted. The schedule is subject to change as games could move to Saturday or Thursday.


8/29: North
9/5: Whitmire
9/12: @ Academic Magnet
9/19: @ North Charleston
9/26: Lincoln
10/3: @ Estill
10/10: Denmark-Olar
10/17: Allendale-Fairfax
10/24: @ Bamberg-Ehrhardt
10/31: Bethune-Bowman

Branchville, not really known as a football school, has an interesting schedule. They will host North plus Whitmire from the Upstate in non-league play, and make back-to-back road trips to North Charleston. They do get three home games in the region, including Allendale-Fairfax.

Region 6

Baptist Hill

8/22: @ Allendale-Fairfax
8/29: @ Garrett
9/12: Hunter-Kinard-Tyler
9/19: Academic Magnet
9/26: @ North Charleston
10/3: @ St. John's
10/10: Cross
10/17: Lincoln
10/24: @ Burke
10/31: @ Military Magnet

Baptist Hill has one of the most travel-friendly schedules in the state, only leaving Charleston County once all season, the first game of the year August 22. They have a tough stretch at the end with Burke and Military Magnet, but their fans will benefit this year with a lot of short road trips in this new region.

Burke (schedule incomplete, some dates TBA)

8/23: @ Garrett
Scott's Branch (either 9/5 or 9/12)
9/19: @ Lake Marion
9/26: @ Academic Magnet
10/3: Cross
10/10: Military Magnet
10/17: @ St. John's
10/24: Baptist Hill
10/31: @ Lincoln

Burke still has to find one non-region game, and a date for the Scott's Branch game. Burke is down all the way to 1A, after having been 4A as recently as 1995. They get three region games at home this year.


8/29: Hunter-Kinard-Tyler
9/5: Timberland
9/12: @ C.E. Murray
9/19: @ Scott's Branch
9/26: @ Lake Marion
10/3: @ Burke
10/10: @ Baptist Hill
10/17: Military Magnet
10/24: @ Lincoln
10/31: St. John's

Cross has an incredible five week stretch without a home game. After their September 5th home game against Timberland, they are on the road until October 17. They do get two of their last three games at home.


8/23: Academic Magnet
8/29: @ C.E. Murray
9/5: Palmetto Christian
9/12: Creek Bridge
9/26: @ Branchville
10/3: @ Military Magnet
10/10: St. John's
10/17: @ Baptist Hill
10/24: Cross
10/31: Burke

Lincoln still has a game till fill in, but the rest of their schedule is fairly difficult, as they are replacing James Waring (who retired) and still haven't hired a replacement. They close with their final two games at home, but have to travel more than most other schools in their region.

Military Magnet

8/29: @ North Charleston
9/5: Academic Magnet
9/12: Garrett
9/19: @ Ridgeland/Hardeeville
9/26: @ Scott's Branch
10/3: Lincoln
10/10: @ Burke
10/17: @ Cross
10/24: St. John's 
10/31: Baptist Hill

The Eagles (on the back of their uniforms) have a fair schedule. They don't leave North Charleston the first three weeks of the season, with games vs. Academic Magnet and Garrett. In region play, they will host St. John's and Baptist Hill at the end, two crucial games.

St. John's

8/23: @ Screven County (GA)
8/29: Stall
9/5: @ Whale Branch
9/12: Lake View
9/19: James Island
10/3: Baptist Hill
10/10: @ Lincoln
10/17: Burke 
10/24: @ Military Magnet
10/31: @ Cross

A very interesting schedule for St. John's. They open the season with an extremely rare out of state game for a 1A school, a trip to Sylvania, GA to play Screven County. They will also host Lake View and 4A James Island. Their region schedule is hard, with two road games to close the slate at MMA and Cross.

Coming up will be SCISA schedules.

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