Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shooting at Oxford Exchange

From James @spann: Report: There has been a shooting at exit ramp to hwy 78 from the Oxford exchange. 9 police and 3 ambulances there. Report: Suspect on the run now near Anniston was involved with a shooting incident in Cleburne County earlier today.

: Everyone please pray for Ryan Stovall and his family. His dad was shot this morning in the Oxford shooting. He's now at RMC. Jackie Stovall was the Oxford officer shot. He is in surgery now.

if it has not been stated this suspect is armed with a AK47 type gun!
URGENT BOLO: Hispanic Male, 1997 Nissan 200 SX, silver. Pink Alabama sticker on rear of vehicle. Alabama tag 7A14B18. It was an officer-involved shooting in Oxford.

hectic scene at Leon Smith Parkway intersection. A Heflin PD officer shot here, injured not killed. More info to come.

UNCONFIRMED but hearing of a possible fatality in the incident involving a police officer shot in Oxford

The chase started in Heflin heard it was a Heflin officer that was shot in Oxford. Now headed toward Jacksonville.

This shopping center has a Publix, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Kohl's, Best Buy and several other major chains.

There are rumors that there was a shooting at Cracker Barrel and a robbery at the Wendy's.

Apparently the shooting was at the Target in Oxford. Oxford is 84 miles W of downtown Atlanta and 63 miles E of Birmingham. It is near Anniston, AL.

a Oxford cop pulled over some Hispanics that stole a car and they shot him. 

Video from the scene via James Spann:

There is a man with a machine gun around the Oxford exchange shooting people. My dad heard it on the scanner at the hospital! Be careful!

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