Friday, December 14, 2012

School shooting in Newtown, CT (26 people killed)

There was a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut this morning in Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school is about an hour west of Hartford, and 75 miles N of Manhattan.

Gunman was carrying two different guns, wearing full camouflage, and shot up to 100 shots. John Miller of CBS News: Second person in custody believed to be a second shooter.

Bill Ritter of WABC: school shooter: guy, early 20s, 2 guns- wearing black. from ct but some link to new jersey. ABC News reports 1 shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary was a 24-year-old in a bulletproof vest with 4 guns.

CBS is reporting 27 people killed. 14 of these were children in a classroom. 

ABC reports at 12:34pm, from @mpoppel. BREAKING -- At least 12 dead in elementary school shooting, ABC News reports 

@TheMatthewKeys: [Newtown school shooting] WVIT interviewing parent who says principal was shot and killed in elementary school shooting. Other news sources are confirming.

The principal of the school is Dawn Hochsprung. Another says the school's psychologist was killed, Mary Sherlach. 

Parents waiting outside. 

WABC reporting two gunmen were involved. One shooter is dead. Multiple students trapped inside a classroom.

sources saying there are multiple victims including children in the Newtown shooting. Clearing of building is still going on.

@JoshElliottABC: BREAKING: One shooter dead at Newtown (CT) elementary school after a shooting there. School has been cleared. An FBI SWAT team is on scene.

Kids crying at the elementary school.

First news of this shooting was at 9:48am.
RT newtown ct active shooter in a school in Dickerson drive multi police units responding

ABC says one shooter is dead at Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, school is now cleared of shooters.

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