Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shooting at Clackamas Town Center

: I am at Clackamas Town Center where panicked people are running from mall. Witness tells me shots fired. Also reporting: Police have established a perimeter, have weapons drawn, and are blocking exits. Mall employee tells me security ordered cages down for all stores.

A witness tells a young man armed w/ an assault rifle and wearing bulletproof vest, camo shirt ran into Macy’s. 

6'2 man with an AR-15 rifle reports a KGW reporter. Outside of a jewelry store. Six or seven shots were fired says a Macy's worker.

Live feed from KGW: http://www.kgw.com/live-stream

Several people are reporting the man has an AK-47. KATU reports the shooting happened around 3:20pm PT.

BREAKING: Dispatch reports of an active shooting going on in the Clackamas Town Center.

Friends just ran out of Clackamas Town Center, said the shooting was 50 yards away, 10-15 rounds. They're safe. GEEZ.

Shooting was at the food court there reports several Portland news stations.

: Just in a shooting at Clackamas Town Center. In the back room of a store.

@pdxtransitlane says:  Clackamas Town Center: 10-15 shots fired, guy with a hockey mask and an automatic weapon, near Macy's Home Store

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