Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goose Creek is out

Goose Creek out of playoffs per Phil Bowman of the Post and Courier. Mercy denied. 10-1 opposed for mercy. Goose Creek is out per @SEisbergWCIV. 

Eisberg says: Chuck Reedy still inside- pure emotion. He won't leave building yet. Reporters waiting at back door for him. He said nothing as he left.

9-2 vote to keep the DQ per Phil Bowman of the Post and Courier. The Gators have been disqualified from the playoffs. Committee goes back into a closed session. Hold the phone. Mercy appeal per Gene Sapakoff. Going for mercy now. Coach has hands folded under his chin. Back outside of meeting.

They say that the law and DQ was correct. Now they are asking for mercy for exceptional circumstance. Like asking for forgiveness.

Decision coming soon. Eisberg: Chuck Reedy's wife huddled to the door- ear to the glass with hands clenched together. During the meeting--Reedy deeply emotional. Only wanting this to fall on his shoulders, rather than his players. We'll soon find out.

People are waiting outside the parking lot at Goose Creek to hear ruling. Jalen Stevens (Goose Creek football player): Dear God...

The meeting is a closed-door meeting. No media or fans were allowed to enter. S.C. Press Association Exec Direc. Bill Rogers blasts SCHSL closed-door meeting for Goose Creek HS football appeal per @Sapakoff. Vote is a public vote, and laughing can be heard inside.

@AndyWontor Coach and principal going back in at 6:52.

For the record, the media was kicked out as well. Some rumbling about it being a violation of the FOI Act. Coach Reedy explaining how they verify eligibility and transcript information now. 

Reedy tells Executive committee they have a girl on team. Played one play on national TV against Cane Bay.

Phil Bowman, high school columnist at the Post and Courier, says I can hear through the door that student played basketball and eligibility issue was discovered by principal Huskey on Monday.  He also says Attorney Jay Bender says high school league in violation of FOI act. They take public money and deal in private.

@andywontor: Can hear through the door, (Reedy) wanted to help young man, say he was a problem but it's important to teach. Say they were saving a young man.

According to Goose Creek coach Chuck Reedy, the student played in five games. Less than 20 plays.
Wontor says: Hearing kid did play but with major coaching and at end of games. Say it isn't about winning, it's about helping a child.

Tramel Terry (probably Goose Creek's top player, committed to UGA), tweeted this: Life is so wonderful yet we sometime take our blessings for granted what ever the verdict is I am just blessed to be apart of goose creek

Coach Reedy stressing that these kids have represented Goose Creek in the proper manner and doesn't want to see them punished. Earlier, Scott Eisberg posted this: Can see thru HS lg door--Chuck Reedy literally crying. Begging HS league to let them keep playing.

Opinion from @PressBoxMJ:  Goose Creek kids should get a nice lesson is why EVERYONE should do their job PROPERLY. Kick them out!

Opinion from @KyleJordanLive5 (morning news anchor at WCSC): Waiting to hear on the Goose Creek appeal. Just don't think anyone wins if the DQ is upheld. Not even the team GC beat.

A lot of outsiders are against it. Almost the entire 4A page on Palmetto Football Talk has talk about Goose Creek.

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