Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gas explosion in Indianapolis area

There was a huge gas explosion in the Indianapolis area tonight. Mass casualty area at 8400 South 3900 East in Southport, about 10 miles S of downtown Indianapolis.

Residents are being told to leave the area. The Indianapolis Fire Department says dozens of homes around the explosion site have been damaged. An IndyGo bus is headed to the scene to take those affected to Mary Bryan Elementary School. People are saying homeland security is on the scene.

Apparently there may have been flames 100 feet in the air.

Mayor Ballard: Complete damage to 2 homes for sure, blocks of houses with structural damage.

The fire is still not out. Mary Bryan Elementary School on Stop 11 Rd. is being used as a gathering point and triage. No confirmation on injuries.

Here is a picture of it from @Mickey_Dee23:

Very sad news. It is off Stop 11 Road. One home has been completely destroyed. Two other homes have been seriously damaged and are burning. Other homes in the area have also suffered damages.

Structure collapse on Dogwood Drive. This is getting to be a serious situation. The Indianapolis mayor is on scene, and they are doing triage at the scene. This means a lot of injuries.

Someone blocks away from this explosion smelled sulfur about 5 minutes before it happened.

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