Monday, August 5, 2013

Delta flight attendant goes crazy

A Delta flight attendant on a flight from LaGuardia Airport to Fort Lauderdale went crazy tonight. The video is from the Twitter account @CollegeComplete and Daniel Haim.

This was the account from his Twitter account.

7:13pm: 5h
Mayhem breaking out at LGA boarding.... Security!

That moment when the flight attendant tells a passenger that if they don't stop the police will board and taser them..AWESOME

9:21pm: Flight attendant actually said that things on the plane did not work because its old.

9:32pm: flight attendant just got LOUD with threats of handcuffs. WTF

9:37pm: Flight attendant is losing it.... people on the flight are now scared

Reportedly, the flight attendant got into fights with several passengers and then the pilot. Reportedly, the sheriff left everyone off, and a quote from the flight attendant "People from NY all think they are special".

The flight attendant yells at somebody in the cabin not to say anything otherwise the guy would be arrested. Here are two videos from the flight.

This was later in the flight, the flight attendant arguing with a passenger that was using an e-cigarette on flight.

Was she over the line?

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