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Anaheim Ducks attendance analysis

I will do a list for all 30 teams from the season the lockout ended, 2005-06, thru the 2013 season. I will show the three lowest and three highest attendances for each team in the National Hockey League.

The Anaheim Ducks have been one of the fastest-growing NHL fan bases in the past few seasons. The Ducks, based in Orange County, one of the richest counties in the country, have grown from being the Los Angeles area's second hockey team, to drawing their own niche. The Ducks won a Stanley Cup before the hated Kings and Sharks.

They picked up some of the best players in the NHL, including Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan (Ryan now traded to the Senators). The Ducks arena, Honda Center, was built in 1993. The arena has been one where many Ducks fans have grown up at, as the number of season tickets has grown since the team first began.

Most Ducks fans are concentrated in Southern California, especially around Orange County and other nearby counties like Riverside. The Ducks also have fans around Los Angeles.

When the Ducks are good, they bring a lot of fans into Staples.

Here is an example in 2008:

With the Los Angeles Kings getting better recently, fewer Ducks fans have visited Staples, but this has made the atmosphere at Honda Center much better with both Southern California hockey teams being good.

The Ducks don't have a large fan base in most NHL cities, but they do bring people to Phoenix at Coyotes games. The Ducks following in Arizona has grown in the past few seasons.

2005-06: Finished 43-27-12, 6th in Western Conference, 3rd in Pacific Division. Advanced to Western Conference Finals, lost to Edmonton Oilers.

Average Attendance, 15,107 (88%). Total, 619,380. Drew 13,608 for preseason game against Kings at Arrowhead Pond.

Smallest home crowds: Nov. 1, Predators, 11,690 (Tuesday night against not a popular team)
Oct. 26, Flames, 11,774 (Wednesday night, right after lockout)
Nov. 30, Coyotes, 12,050 (Wednesday night)

Largest home crowds: Twelve sellouts of 17,174. Home opener against Oilers, a game against Red Wings, all four Kings games, three others in April stretch drive, another against Stars, one against Coyotes, one against Blackhawks.

Smallest road crowds: Buffalo, 12,504, Chicago, 12,031, St. Louis, 10,822.

Largest road crowds: 21,273 in Montreal against Canadiens, two 20,066 sellouts in Detroit.

Playoff home crowds: All sellouts of 17,174 except for Game 6 against Flames May 1, 16,594.

Mighty Duckshad a good year with attendance, making a long run in the playoffs. Four Kings visits helped.

2006-07: Finished 48-20-14, 1st Pacific Division, 2nd Western Conference, won Stanley Cup in 5 games over Ottawa Senators. Changed name to Anaheim Ducks.

Average attendance, 16,339 (95.1%), total: 699,903.

Smallest home crowds:  Oct. 11, Islanders, 12,394 (early-season, weeknight game against East Coast team)
Nov. 1, Rangers, 13,350 (weeknight game, night after Halloween)
Oct. 9, Blues, 13,389 (second home game)

Largest home crowds: Feb. 20, Canucks, 17,467 (lots of road fans, Ducks a good team)
Feb. 7, Sharks, 17,466 (rival, people catching to team)
Jan. 7, Red Wings, 17,418 (popular team, weekend evening game)

Smallest road crowds: Nashville, 11,821, Chicago, 11,295 (late in season), St. Louis, 8,629.

Largest road crowds: Two sellouts at Joe Louis Arena, 20,066. Two 19,289 crowds in Calgary.

Playoff home crowds: April 11, Wild Game 1, 17,180; April 13, Wild Game 2, 17,324; April 19, Wild Game 5, 17,318. April 25, Canucks Game 1, 17,250; April 27, Canucks Game 2; 17,392; May 3, Canucks Game 5, 17,407. May 15, Red Wings Game 3, 17,358; May 17, Red Wings Game 4, 17,375; May 22, Red Wings Game 6, 17,380. May 28, Senators Game 1, 17,274; May 30, Senators Game 2, 17,258; June 6, Senators Game 5, 17,372.

The Ducks win their first Stanley Cup in history, and get a big bump in attendance from being in the thick of Western Conference race all season.

2007-08: Finished 47-27-8, 2nd Pacific, 4th Western Conference. Lost in Western Conference Quarterfinals in 6 to Dallas Stars.

Average attendance: 17,191 (100.1%), Total: 687,632.

Smallest home crowds: No crowd below 17,174. Every game sold out during the season.

Largest home crowds: March 28, Sharks, 17,334 (rival, team clinched playoff berth, Sharks clinched Pacific Division)
March 26, Kings, 17,331 (cross-town rival, team in playoff push)
February 13, Stars, 17,323 (rival, team already sold out)

Drew crowds of 17,551; 17,300 for two games against Kings in London (one home game for each).

Smallest road crowds: 9,649 in Long Island, 11,984 in Columbus, 13,469 in Nashville (back to back games).

Largest road crowds: One 20,066 sellout in Detroit, two crowds of 19,289 in Calgary.

Playoff home crowds: April 10, Stars Game 1, 17,191; April 12, Stars Game 2, 17,181; April 18, Stars Game 5, 17,199.

A great season of attendance for the Ducks after their Stanley Cup run, but they lose early in the playoffs.

2008-09: 42-33-7, 2nd Pacific Division, 8th Western Conference. Lost in 2nd round of playoffs to the Detroit Red Wings.

Average attendance: 16,991 (98.9%) Total: 696,629

Smallest home crowds: Dec. 10, Blues, 16,058 (weeknight game, already had made a visit)
Nov. 19, Capitals, 16,076 (weeknight game, before holiday)
Nov. 5, Blues, 16,144 (weeknight game early in season)

Smallest road crowds: 10,494 in Columbus, 11,853 on Long Island, 12,739 in Phoenix.

Largest home crowds: Jan. 2, Flyers, 17,597 (popular East Coast team, just after New Year’s)
Jan. 14, Red Wings, 17,525 (popular team)
March 15, Sharks, 17,511 (rival late in season)

Largest road crowds: 21,273 in Montreal, 21,574 and 21,619 in Chicago.

Playoff home crowds: April 21, Sharks Game 3, 16,277; April 23, Sharks Game 4, 16,830; April 27, Sharks Game 6, 17,174. May 5, Red Wings Game 3, 17,174; May 7, Red Wings Game 4, 17,601; May 12, Red Wings Game 6, 17,174.

Attendance falls a little bit after an early playoff exit the year before, but still at almost 99% full.

2009-10: 39-32-11, 4th Pacific Division, 11th Western Conference, missed playoffs.

Average attendance: 15,168 (88.3%) Total: 621,903

Smallest home crowds: Nov. 29, Coyotes, 13,023 (Sunday during football season, not a popular team), March 9, Blue Jackets, 13,700 (team not in playoff position, not popular team), Dec. 8, Stars, 13,861.

Smallest road crowds: 6,495! And 10,030 in Phoenix, 10,843 in Sunrise, FL at the Panthers.

Largest road crowds: 21,708 and 21,662 in Chicago; two 20,066 sellouts in Detroit.

Largest home crowds: Oct. 3, Sharks, 17,281 (home opener), Dec. 29, Wild, 16,960 (during holidays), April 2, Canucks, 16,534 (Canucks fans)

The Ducks had a disappointing, non-playoff season, which meant a drop in attendance.

2010-11: 47-30-5, 2nd Pacific, 4th Western Conference, lost in first round in six games to Predators.

Average attendance: 14,739 (85.8%) Total: 604,283

Smallest home crowds: Jan. 5, Predators, 12,216 (not a popular team, weeknight in January)
Jan. 12, Blues, 12,499 (not popular team, Wed. night in January)
Dec. 1, Panthers, 12,504 (not popular team, Wed. night)

Smallest road crowds: 7,659 on Long Island, 9,802 in Columbus, 10,951 in Phoenix.

Largest home crowds: April 8, Kings, 17,587 (playoff push, biggest rival)
Four other crowds of 17,174 (Oct. 13, Canucks, home opener, Nov. 5, Penguins, Nov. 29, Kings, Feb. 23, Kings)

Largest road crowds: 22,115 in Chicago, 21,273 in Montreal, 21,224 in Chicago.

Playoff home crowds: April 13, Predators Game 1, 17,174; April 15, Predators Game 2, 17,174; April 22, Predators Game 5, 17,385.

A drop in attendance with this team, but they advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

2011-12: 34–36–12, 5th Pacific, 13th Western Conference. Missed playoffs.

Average attendance: 14,760 (86.4%)
Played a game in Helsinki and one in Stockholm (Oct. 8, Rangers, 13,800) as regular season started.

Smallest home crowds: Feb. 6, Flames, 12,096 (weeknight, not a popular team).
Jan. 10, Stars, 12,152 (same)
Jan. 18, Coyotes, 12,281

Smallest road crowds: 9,124 and 10,579 in Glendale, 12,141 in Dallas.

Largest home crowds: Feb. 26, Blackhawks, 17,601 (popular team, weekend)
Dec. 29, Canucks, 17,544 (Canucks fans, holidays)
March 25, Bruins, 17,395 (Bruins fans, weekend)

Largest road crowds: 21,528; 21,247 in Chicago, two crowds of 20,066 in Detroit.

A slight edge up in Ducks attendance, but no playoffs for the second time in three seasons.

2013: 30–12–6, 1st Pacific, 2nd Western Conference. Lost in six games to Red Wings in first round of playoffs.

Average attendance: 15,888 (92.5%) Total: 381,308

Smallest home crowds: Feb. 1, Wild, 13,007 (just after lockout ended)
March 6, Coyotes, 13,456 (weeknight, unpopular team)
Feb. 27, Predators, 13,630 (same)

Smallest road crowds: 11,024 in Glendale, 13,185 in Columbus, 13,748 in Dallas.

Largest home crowds: March 20, Blackhawks, 17,610 (largest crowd in arena history, popular team)
January 25, Canucks, 17,529 (popular team, home opener)
April 7, Kings, 17,494 (biggest rival, weekend game)

Largest road crowds: 22,105; 21,188 in Chicago, 20,066 in Detroit.

Playoff home crowds: April 30, Red Wings Game 1, 17,200; May 2, Red Wings Game 2, 17,182; May 8, Red Wings Game 5, 17,395; May 12, Red Wings Game 7, 17,412.

An uptick for the Ducks in attendance, as they win the Pacific Division title and earn second seed in playoffs, but lose in first round.  

2013-14: 54-20-8, 1st Pacific, 1st Western Conference. Still in playoffs, defeated Stars in 6 games in first round of Western Conference playoffs, will play Sharks or Kings in 2nd round.

Average attendance: 16,511 (96.1%), Total, 709,968

Smallest home crowds: Oct. 18, Coyotes, 13,206 (Friday night early in season)

Feb. 3, Blue Jackets, 14,044 (Monday after SB, unpopular team)
Oct. 16, Flames, 14,051 (another early season game)

Smallest road crowds: 10,542 in Columbus, 13,108 on Long Island, 13,289 in Phoenix. 

Largest home crowds: April 13, Avalanche, 17,528 (late-season game against division rival)
March 7, Penguins, 17,518 (popular team on Friday night)
January 23, Kings, 17,503 (cross-town rival)

Largest road crowds: 22,064, 21,586 in Chicago; 21,273 in Montreal.

Playoff home crowds: April 16, Stars, 17,294; April 18, Stars, 17,426; April 25, Stars, 17,334.

Nice uptick in Ducks attendance this year, as they win a playoff series and hope to advance farther in the Western Conference playoffs.

The Anaheim Ducks are one of the NHL's most dedicated fan bases. Honda Center has become one of the toughest places to play in the league, and having some of the league's best players over the last few seasons has helped transform the arena.

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