Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kenseth loses 50 points, crew chief suspended

Shocking news may be coming out of NASCAR in the next few hours. Jenna Fryer, NASCAR reporter at the AP, reported this about Matt Kenseth's winning car at Kansas Speedway.

Matt Kenseth's race-winning engine from Kansas has failed inspection. 1 connecting rod did not meet minimum weight.

Kenseth loses 50 championship points; crew chief Jason Ratcliffe fined $200,000, suspended six races. Joe Gibbs suspended 6 races. Wins won't count for Chase bonus/wild card, and Kenseth can't use his victory points for the Chase and the pole doesn't count for next year's Sprint Unlimited.

Jim Utter, NASCAR writer for the Charlotte Observer, tweeted these three things out:
"This may be a historic day in NASCAR." "Word filtering out from JGR about 20 team penalty is, well, frankly unbelievable." "And so out of character for NASCAR not reporting without some confirmation."

Just heard penalties from hubs for 20. Absolutely unreal.

That is from the wife of the rear tire changer of the 20 car.

Marty Smith, ESPN NASCAR reporter, tweeted this: A source w/ very close knowledge of the 20 car engine infraction told me the connecting rod in question was less than three grams too light.

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