Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marcus Lattimore suffers devastating injury

South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore has suffered another devastating injury today against Tennessee. He has torn his ACL, maybe broken his leg. Any way you look at it, it is a horrible injury.

Confirmed: Lattimore's knee popped out of place but it got back into place quickly. He has a knee dislocation. "It's going to take a while obviously to recover and rehab this." "We're optimistic that his football days are still ahead of him," Spurrier said. He's optimistic about his recovery. "We all hope and pray he'll be back." Says there's a history of guys coming back from this type of injury.

Spurrier deferring questions on Sunday call to doctor and team trainer. Said team doc said could be a chance ML won't be back until 2014. Steve Spurrier: "Dr. Guy (team doctor) says there could be a chance but there could be a chance it could be two years down the road." 

He hasn't heard about any ligament tears or of broken femur with Marcus Lattimore. 

It remains to be seen if Lattimore could play in 2013. Mentions a medical redshirt as an option. Spurrier says Lattimore is doing better than he was yesterday.

Marcus will make his own decision on whether he comes back or not per Spurrier. 

Spurrier: Kenny Miles takes over as starting RB, Mike Davis will be the first backup.

UNCONFIRMED: From @BrianVanOchten, a Tuscaloosa, AL writer: The news on South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore is awful: Broken femur and all four knee ligaments torn. Such a shame. 

If you don't want to look at this, don't. From @jmaddox82.

Lattimore has a severe knee injury and will not be back this year. USC says that Marcus Lattimore has a "right knee injury" and will be re-evaluated later this week. He is out indefinitely.

Tomorrow, the official news from the university will come out about Lattimore's injury most likely during Coach Steve Spurrier's 2pm teleconference.

Last year he suffered a major injury against Mississippi State.

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