Thursday, August 2, 2012

CofC weighing options between CAA and SoCon

Today, the College of Charleston's entire board of trustees met. They met for their regular meeting that they have every couple of months, but their main topic that the press came to hear was conference realignment.

Someone said to Kevin Bilodeau on WCSC, Channel 5 that CofC going to the CAA was a "50/50" proposition. 

Jeff Hartsell of the Post and Courier was there. Most of what I will post is from him.

"Decision won't be made lightly. At some point down road we will make recommendation."

No decision will be made tomorrow (Friday). They are still weighing the pros and cons. Some athletes, especially some of the baseball players are protesting the move because it would mean a lesser conference.

Others want to move as soon as possible. Scott Eisberg of WCIV says that Joe Hull says he has no recommendation to BOT but he can't quarantee board won't vote tomorrow. Says that's their prerogative.

The CofC committee chair says travel costs manageable. Compared 5.5 hour bus ride to 1.5 hour plane trip to Philly.
This will be very interesting to see. There will be more meetings.

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