Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two former Auburn players killed

Hearing that there was a shooting in Auburn tonight that included three Auburn football players. They say at least one was killed and the others are in the hospital.
Please pray for Auburn. This goes for everyone. Auburn Plainsman is reporting. No confirmation, please. Unofficial: Ed Christian may be dead at university village. Eric Mack of Calhoun County High School still alive in hospital.

According to a relative, former Auburn fullback Ladarius Phillips has died in ER according to relative."

Prayers for the Tiger family. Ed Christian is from Valdosta, GA, Lowndes County High, and Ladarious Phillips is from Roanoke, AL. Prayers for people from Calhoun County too.

Update: WTVM in Columbus is reporting a 3rd person has died in shooting.

Morning update: Xavier Moss may have been shot, Ed Christian and Ladarius Phillips presumed killed.

Per Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina RB), Eric Mack is doing alright.

They were killed over a girl at a pool party. says the shooters have no connection with football program. They are also saying Eric Mack may be released from the hospital in a few days.

A witness says gunman blocked the exit door and was firing into the clubhouse crowd. I'm hearing from Twitter that the Auburn shooter got mad because he took his girl to a party with a bunch of ATHLETES and she was dancing with them.

Jay Tate from Montgomery Advertiser says witness says gunman got into altercation with an unidentified Auburn football player, initially pledged to keep it "one on one."

Anniston Star article has more info:

Happened at 10:03pm last night. Young man died on sidewalk, and additional subjects were found. 

Auburn police: One person was dead on scene. Two other subjects died shortly after arriving at hospital. Shooter fled area. Located abandoned. Desmontay Leonard, Montgomery is the suspect.

Victims: Six shot. Dead, Ed Christian, 20, Auburn student, football player, East AL Medical Center, Ladarius Phillips dead there, 20, along with DeMario Pitts, 20, another football player. Treated at medical center. Xavier Moss. John Robertson at UAB Medical Center.

East AL Medical Center, Eric Mack has non life-threatening injuries.

Desmonte Leonard; three charges of capital murder, he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Evan Woodberry says suspect Desmonte Leonard sued for child support FRIDAY in Montgomery Circuit Court by mother who claims he fathered her daughter in 2011. He also says Leonard's address listed in lawsuit filed Friday is Alder Point Drive in east Montgomery near Vaughn Rd and Eastern Boulevard.


  1. I figured this would happen at NC State, not Auburn

  2. Let's all pray for everyone.