Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Guilty

The jury has reached a verdict on the Jerry Sandusky case according to reports. Will be announced at 9:50pm. 

Sandusky faces 26 felonies in his case. He has arrived at the courthouse per Anna Orso of the Daily Collegian (Penn State student newspaper).

His wife is also there. The media will not be allowed to report the verdict until it is read, the jury is dismissed and the court is adjourned.

All 48 counts are to be read when court begins in about 10 minutes per Ben_Jones88.

Sandusky did not look at his family when he walked into courtroom.

They are beginning to read the counts now. NBC News says he was heckled.

Jerry Sandusky conviction on all counts could mean a 450 year prison sentence. The courtroom doors have been locked.

The New York Times says Sandusky is guilty on 45 of the 48 counts. Other news sources are reporting. Bail has been revoked for the case.

Victims 2, 5, and 6 are the only victims without every count being guilty.  

Sandusky walked in front of the media in handcuffs. He might not be seen in public again.

The NYT broke the rule on talking about it before court was adjourned.

Link to a list of all the Sandusky charges:

“We respect their verdict...It was the expected outcome.” - Joe Amendola (Sandusky attorney)

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