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Week 11 preview/wk 10 review

We are finally at the end of the season for 4A schools, while all other schools are in playoffs. The season in high school football goes by so fast, but it has been a very interesting one to date.

There have been many surprises this year, but Goose Creek and Stratford meeting up in an end of season battle royale for the Region 7-4A title is not one. Bishop England starting 0-6 was a surprise. Now, they are 4-6 and in the playoffs. Another surprise was Berkeley. They started 1-4, and people were looking to force Jeff Cruce to resign. Now, they finished the season 6-4, with a region title in hand, and will host a second round of playoffs if they beat Dreher Friday night.

Lincoln is in the playoffs for a second year in a row. St. John's is the top seed in the Class A Division I Lower State bracket, and has home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The SCISA bracket is also interesting. This week, I will change up from my normal preview style and focus on playoff scenarios for 4A teams. Ten of the eleven local 4A schools still have a chance at the playoffs. Only Bluffton has been knocked out.

Goose Creek, Stratford, Fort Dorchester, and Summerville have already clinched berths. The others will be decided this week. There are 27 automatic berths to the 4A playoffs, 5 at-large.

Many of these scenarios come from the posters at SCpreptalk who have made playoff scenarios. Per that scenario, six of the eight region champs would be in the Division I bracket of the playoffs. In order of likelihood:

Goose Creek- Host Stratford (4-0 in region) this week. With win, will likely be #1 seed in their section of the playoffs, with home field as long as they're in the playoffs. Would host last seed in their bracket, likely an upstate team. A loss would move them to the #3 seed, and two home playoff games.

Fort Dorchester- A win over Ashley Ridge would give the Patriots a #1 seed on their side of the playoffs, hosting throughout. Even a loss probably would keep them near the top of the line.

Stratford- Win, #1 seed likely. Loss, still a #3 seed in their bracket.

Summerville- In playoffs after last week's win at Ashley Ridge. A win against Bluffton, win less in region, would give them a likely first round home game. A loss could mean a road game.

Ashley Ridge- Likely in playoffs. A win against Fort Dorchester would help their seed a bit, in SCpreptalk's projections they are a 12 seed. A loss would likely hold their seed there.

Here is where it gets tricky:

Wando- Likely has enough points to get in as an at-large due to playing Lexington and White Knoll in non-region play. A win over James Island likely gives them a 9-11 seed, and a first round road game. A loss, and things could get tricky. A Cane Bay win and a Wando win gives Wando an automatic 3rd. Wando is likely in.

Cane Bay- Tricky here with Cane Bay. Multiple scenarios where they could be in or out. A Cane Bay win over West Ashley and a Wando loss, Cane Bay gets an auto bid for 3rd. A Cane Bay win coupled with a Wando win also gets them in. A loss to West Ashley, and they could be in trouble on points. Basically, Cane Bay needs a win to stay in comfortable position.

Colleton County- Most of the media thought the Cougars had clinched last week. That is not the case. They still have to rely on getting enough points in order to get in. From EHSMeanGreen on SCPT: One particular scenario has Mauldin tied with Colleton County for the last At-large spot in the playoffs (32.5 pts).
(If Mauldin loses to Boiling Springs they will have 32.5 pts; CC has finished their season and are in the clubhouse at 32.5 pts.)
--The tiebreakers could get very deep for these teams.--
Colleton County needs to pull for 3A opponents Beaufort and O-W in the 3A playoffs. (They could make the difference)
---opponents wins and losses could determine the last spot. So Colleton County could have to rely on 3A schools in their playoffs to get in the 4A playoffs.

West Ashley- Rather simple scenario for West Ashley. If they beat Cane Bay, and Wando beats James Island, the Wildcats are in the playoffs.

James Island- If the Trojans beat Wando, and West Ashley beats Cane Bay, the Trojans are in the playoffs due to the head to head tiebreaker (beat West Ashley).

You got that all straight?

Now onto everyone else. From Doodle's Doodles. Favorite is first team listed. 3A:

Hartsville 285.8 Or'burg-Wilkinson 209.9 38
Georgetown 203.6 Airport 199.7 2
Berkeley 239.4 Dreher (15th in MaxPreps 3A poll)
Beaufort 213.6 Marlboro County 209.4 3
Hanahan 236.2 Lakewood 199.2 19


Lake Marion 192.1 Waccamaw 177.4 8
Ridgeland-Hardeeville 200.3 Garrett 169.9 15
Woodland 198.2 Johnsonville 177.3 11
Andrews 199.2 Bishop England 181.7 9
Whale Branch 189.1 Barnwell 179.8 5
Timberland 260.1 Academic Magnet 170.1 45


St. Johns 185.3 Latta 180.1 3
Hemingway 220.5 Calhoun County 151.9 35
Timmonsville 137.2 Military Magnet 119.2 9
Cross 178.6 Branchville 145.6 17
Estill 205.9 Lincoln 131.6 38


Hammond 205.9 Pinewood Prep 137.6 34
Ben Lippen 174.5 Porter-Gaud 159.8 8
Laurence Manning 191.6 Cardinal Newman 157.4 18
Wilson Hall 163.5 Heathwood Hall 130.3 17

Florence Christian 200.6 St. Andrews 68.2 67
Hilton Head Christian 142.4 Orangeburg Prep 130.1 6
Northwood 187.2 Thomas Sumter 113.1 37
Calhoun Academy 137.8 Bethesda 118.7 10

Williamsburg 149.1 Dorchester 112.7 18
Hilton Head Prep 150.9 Holly Hill 131.7 10
Curtis Baptist 142.1 Trinity-Byrnes 118.2 12
Dillon Christian 134.5 Colleton Prep 123.7 6

Richard Winn 133.1 St. Johns Christian 84.1 25
Andrew Jackson Ac. 138.4 Faith Christian 97.9 20
Patrick Henry 139.5 Carolina Academy 130.1 5
Clarendon Hall 123.4 Cathedral 96.5 13 

Enjoy the football!
Hartsville 285.8 Or'burg-Wilkinson 209.9 38     Georgetown 203.6 Airport 199.7 2     Berkeley 239.4 Berea 183.3 28 - See more at:
Hartsville 285.8 Or'burg-Wilkinson 209.9 38     Georgetown 203.6 Airport 199.7 2     Berkeley 239.4 Berea 183.3 28 - See more at:

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