Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oscar Taveras killed in car wreck

Star St. Louis Cardinals outfield prospect Oscar Taveras has been killed in a car wreck in the Dominican Republic Sunday night.

This is per numerous sources in the Dominican Republic.

Confirmed: Cardinals' prospect Oscar Taveras was killed in a car accident along with his girlfriend in Puerto Plata.

From @Ligadomcom:

From various sources Cardinals' prospect Oscar Taveras has died in at car accident with his girlfriend, the player was driving.

Confirmed by his family, Cardinals' Oscar Taveras has died in car accident he was driving from Sosua to Puerto Plata (DR)

Taveras was the #3 prospect in baseball, and in 80 games for the Cardinals in 2014 batted .239 with 22 RBIs. Taveras was only 22 years old.

From diariodigital:

The player of the Cibao Eagles and the Cardinals have died Sunday night in a traffic accident , according to broadcast media in different versions. The version has not been confirmed by an official source but attributed to his agent Bryan Mejíavhaber confirmed the death of baseball player. The accident occurred on the highway between Sosua and Puerto Plata.

He was born in 1992 in Puerto Plata. The Chain of Las Aguilas reviewed the rumor of the accident and hinted that three other passengers were involved and in the car with Taveras.

But they were careful to confirm the outcome of the case occurred Sunday night, during the broadcast of the game between Aguilas and Licey which had to be suspended due to rain in the fifth inning, with the Eagles winning.

From @hgomez27, a reporter in the Dominican. Oscar Taveras was in Jamao River and on the way to Puerto Plata, had a fatal accident in Cabarete. His girlfriend also died

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