Monday, March 12, 2012

A new era of college basketball?

College basketball has been through many different phases in the last few seasons. Post season teams have gone up by almost half in the last 5 years. In 2007, you had the 65 in the NCAA Tournament, 32 in the NIT and that was it. Now, you have 148 teams.

Shared by John Infante and a couple of others, the College Basketball Champions League would revolutionize college basketball. Teams would be competing for two championships instead of one. The NCAA Cup (like the FA Cup in English soccer) or the College Basketball Champions League (the more prestigious title). Schools that lost in these games would still play conference schedules and schedule non-conference games.

One thing I would add would be for Division II teams to be allowed to play, replacing teams that failed in the APR (Academic Progress Rate) and are ineligible to play in the post-season. This would replace the teams that failed to get a high enough score.

This would add a whole new dimension to the Division II national tournament. This tournament is 64-teams in eight regions. Every team in the division except ones on probation would have a chance to play into the tournament.

The "Final Four" in this league or maybe more teams would get to play in the NCAA Cup. At max, eight teams from D2 would be in there. This would be a magnificent opportunity for them, as the division rarely gets any publicity.

It is already a huge deal when mid-major D1 teams get to host the major schools. Usually, this happens only a few times a year.

These games would be played more often, and when played, would be big money-makers and can be some of the most exciting action of the year. This wouldn't happen every time, in fact some games might be repeats of conference games, which is OK, but it would be a lot of fun.

North Carolina at College of Charleston, January 2010

Imagine a small D2 school like Angelo State or another getting to play or host any D1 school. It would be a huge deal for these schools, giving lots of added publicity. That's just one of the benefits of a new system. College basketball's popularity would rise.

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